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Welcome to the Radhakrishnan lab

Welcome to the Radhakrishnan lab website at Northwestern University.  The lab is interested in the mechanistic aspects of eukaryotic transcription regulation at the molecular level.  A broad range of transcription factors and coregulator proteins important for normal cellular physiology and development are presently under investigation.

Solution NMR spectroscopy and macromolecular crystallography are the principal approaches employed in these studies, although diverse biochemical, biophysical, and informatic approaches are also used.  NMR and x-ray crystallography afford atomic-level descriptions of macromolecules.  The choice of approach is geared towards their respective strengths: x-ray crystallography for the ability to provide detailed pictures of large, complex systems, and NMR spectroscopy for smaller systems that also feature dynamically disordered segments that are resistant to crystallization.  NMR is also used for discovering novel functions and for gaining dynamical insights.

Outstanding NMR, crystallography, and computational resources exist within the department.  Super high-field NMR instruments and synchrotron sources in the area are also readily accessible.  The department provides a highly interactive, intellectually stimulating environment.  Evanston is a suburb of Chicago and is among the most desirable places to live in the country.


A new 600 MHz Agilent DirectDrive console interfaced with a new actively shielded 14.1 T magnet has been commissioned for biological research at the newly constructed Tech infill for the IMSERC facility. The cold probe from the old instrument has been moved to this new instrument and the 'hybrid' instrument is yielding beautiful results.

The lab is located in Cook Hall (pictured below) in the beautiful Evanston campus on the shores of Lake Michigan. Maps and directions for getting to the lab can be found here.

The lab provides opportunities for training in contemporary structural biology, biophysics, and informatics at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral levels.  Applications from highly motivated, outstanding candidates are encouraged and should be addressed to Ishwar Radhakrishnan.


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